Nilesh Prasad

"I had given my solar project to Green Home Sustainability Assessors after talking to few other solar companies. I found the sales person visited from Green Home was much more knowledgeable and informative and the deal he offered was better than other companies I spoke. He run me trough all the solar incentive very clearly. I just signed for the deal and they did every thing and got my solar installed. The installer was also very professional. The enter project was hassle free. I am very happy with the performance of my solar and I can talk to their customer service guy any time I need to. I could not ask for any better"


"I have got my solar system from Green Home Sustainability Assessors Pty Ltd and I am very happy how the project had been handled. The whole process was handled very professionally. I never had to worry about anything. I just signed and put a deposit. Green Home did every thing and got my solar installed in matter of few days. I use bite of day time power. Now my power bill has reduced sharply. I am very happy with their service and I will surely recommend people I know to them for solar."

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