Terms and Conditions


YOU : Customer signing the contract Us/We : Green Home Sustainability Assessors Pty Ltd (ACN : 141 365 273) Agreement : The complete Signage Page incorporate the TERMS AND CONDITIONS

GHSA : Green Home Sustainability Assessors Pty Ltd Installer : The Accredited Installer Product : Solar PV 

STC : Small scale technology certificates (SOLAR CREDIT SCHEME). Property : Customer Property.
This Contract is subject to a 5 days cooling off period
2. Formation of Agreement
The Agreement is formed between you and GHSA once we received the part payment and you have Properly Completed the Signings Page. Part Payment is proof of your Agreement to be bound by Term and Conditions.
3. Purchase Agreement 

3.1 GSHA agrees to supply and Install the product in accordance to terms and Conditions and in consideration that You (a) Agrees to Purchase and make the payment of the product (b) Assigns to us all of your Rights to receive all STC (c) Properly and completed all documentation necessary for us to gain the Right referred to in clause 3.1 b for benefit of supply and Installation Good at the premises
4. Site Inspection 

4.1 GSHA will Rely on your Answers to our questions Concerning the nature of the premises and your eligibility for certain documents, Governing Incentives and Rebates In calculating the Payment Amount. 

4.2 You Grant Permission for GHSA and Its Employees. Contractors, and Agents to enter the premises where the goods are proposed to be installed at any reasonable time.
5. Quotation 

5.1 At the time of formation of the agreement GHSA have provided you a Quotation that included the amount that must be paid by you in order to secure the supply of goods.

 5.2 You Quotation may be subjected to change due to factor outlined in clause 4.1 being incorrect or inaccurate.
6. Payment 

6.1 You agree to pay GHSA and Part payment amount Via EFT. Cheque Cash OR credit card upon the formulation of this agreement The part payment wilt not be more the 10% of the full payment amount. 

6.2 Exclude Financial Agreements- You agree to pay the full payment amount to GHSA on or before the Installation of goods at the premises. 6.3 All Amount payable under this agreement may be made by bank cheque, cash, EFT or credit card and will only be accepted as made when GHSA receive cleared Funds.
7. Installation 

7.1 We take care to ensure that competent, Trained and Insured Installers install Goods. 

7.2 You agree to ensure that you are present at the premises for the Installation of Goods.

7.3 GHSA may at any time sub contract or assign any right or obligation under this agreement for the purpose of providing the services. If, GHSA sub contract any of the services. GHSA remain fully responsible for the services 

7.4 GHSA will arrange (via contractors. employees and installer ) the Installation on your behalf of your solar PV system through CEC accredited solar PV designer. Installers and Fully licensed electricians according to the relevant Australian and international standards 

7.5 Standard Installation. testing and commissioning will be performed by installers in accordance with AS4777 and ASNZS31CO 

7.6 Testing and commissioning documentation will be provided in accordance With AS4777 andAS4509 

7.7 All design, installation and commissioning is to be earned out by CEC accredited designers and Installers for the rebate.
8. Installation Charges 

8.1 You acknowledged that we may determined the additional installation charges maybe applicable if. (a) Any information you have given GHSA is incorrect or inaccurate (b) Additional part must be added in order to Complete Installation (c) Any Changes have occurred at the premises since the site inspection (d) If the customer’s switchboard does not comply with current safety standards or otherwise requires upgrading or replacing, then customers must get their own electrician for the upgrade or replacement of switchboard. Our pricing does not include any switchboard upgrade prices. . 

9. REC”s Government Rebate & Other Incentives 

9.1 The Quote is given on the bases that the STC Government Rebate and any other Incentives, which are applicable, are still available upon the installation date 

9.2 You agree that STC discount has been provided to yo by GHSA upfront in exchange for you assigning to us the right to create 

9.3 Upon entering the agreement you accept to assign and are responsible to have assigned to GHSA any right or to create STC that may arise in relation to the goods. 

9.4 You agree that you forfeit all rights relating to STC to GHSA that may arise in relation to the Goods. 

9.5 GHSA is not responsible for any inaccuracies or for any losses caused by third parties or changes to government assistance schemes, Feed in tariffs or other programs. 

9.6 Information regarding government assistance schemes, Feed-in tariffs and other programs is believed to be correct at time of publication. but this information can change quickly.
10. Failure to assign STC 

10.1 If breach occurs in clauses in 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, and 9.4 the following will be executed (a) The full payment amount will be increased by the value of the STC discount as determined by us. And we will provide you with notice in writing of the amount of the increase and amended full (b) If installation has not taken place the you must pay us the amended full payment amount. which will have no STC discount before proceeding with the application (c) If the installation of the goods has been completed, you Will be then required to pay us the value of STCs Discount that we have given you, by failing to do this we may enter your premises and remove the goods during business hours on giving written notice of our intention to do so. you will also forfeit any previous payment in which you have made to recover any cost which GHSA has incurred. If previous payment does not recover all cost you will be liable to pay additional costs.
11. Warranty 

11.1 Goods Manufactured by the GHSA are subjected to the warranties, which are set out in the quote or documentation provided at the time of installation. 

11.2 Goods Manufactured by parties other than GHSA are subjected to the manufacturers warranties, which are set out in quote. 

11.3 In relation to goods manufactured by parties other than the seller, the seller reserves the right to refer warranty claims directly to the manufactures. GHSA shall not be bound by nor be responsible for any term. condition or warranty given by the manufacturers of goods 

11.4 Notification of defects must be made in writing to the seller within the specified warranty period. 

11.5 In the even of a claim. we will decide on the course of action to be taken. 

11.6 We shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage arising from any fault With our workmanship 

11.7 It is your responsibility to provide proof of initial installation of the product for warranty purpose. 11.8 Any manual that are supplied with the product by the manufacturer Will be provided to you or available by contacting us payment amount
12. Power Grid Connection and Meter Charges 

12.1 You acknowledged that although we may assist you in arranging for the goods to be connected to the main grid and for installation of meter in premises , the agreement is to undertake that connection and Installation is an agreement between you and your electricity retailer or distributor. 

12.2 The cost and risk of that connection and installation are not included in any way of this agreement.
13. Cancellations and Cooling Off Period 

13.1 We may cancel the agreement at any time if you fail to comply with our terms and conditions. 13.2 If GHSA cancel the agreement because of the direct breach of our terms and conditions you will have to pay any cost associate with delivery or partial installation of goods, if relevant 

13.3 If the agreement is cancelled under the clause 13.1 we will return to you the payment amount you have made with in 90 days of the cancellation of the agreement. 

13.4 This Contract is Subjected to 10 days cooling off period, If you seeking to cancel the contract within 10 days of contract, A written notice must be given before deposit is refunded. 

13.5 Either party may terminate this agreement prior to installation if the other party breaches a warranty (or threatens to do so) and does not rectify within 10 days of written notice, or is insolvent or enters any scheme, composition or arrangement with any of its creditors: in these events the deposit is refundable.

14. DO NOT CALL REGISTER By providing Your telephone number You warrant that You are the relevant telephone account holder (or their nominee) within the meaning of the Do Not Call Register Act 2006 (Cth). You hereby consent to being contacted by telephone in relation to GHSA goods and services, such consent to continue indefinitely.
15. Disclaimer Regarding performance 

15.1 If every circumstances and where possible GHSA will use best endeavour to install the product to optimal orientation and exposure to direct sunlight 

15.2 GHSA does not guarantee performance of the product other than extending the manufacturers performance warranty. 

15.3 GHSA acknowledges That some houses may not have optimum positioning for the product and acknowledges that customers will still want the product Installed with the understanding the performance may be compromised in certain situations.
16. Inclusions 

16.1 All hardware, cable and accessories are provided by us for mounting, wiring and connection of product. 

16.2 GHSA will arrange the ordering, delivery and installation on your behalf for all PV solar components which meet all relevant Australian and international standards and suitable to meet the technical requirements of CEC guidelines.

17.1 You agree to supply GHSA with any information necessary to complete documents required for connection of the System (if it is a solar photovoltaic system) to the electricity grid and to claim Your STC. 

17.2 You authorize GHSA to share this information (to the extent that is necessary) with its contractors, employees & installers and with relevant government agencies & electricity retailers 17.3 GHSA will not release your personal information to any other parties without Your written consent. 17.4 You have been supplied with a copy of agreement on the acceptance of contract.


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