Commercial solar

We offer more than industry-leading solar technology for commercial use. Our unique capabilities make solar power simpler and better for business.

Invest in your business, not your electricity bill!

High electricity bills can be a huge drain on your business finances. With ‘everything on’ all day long, you are looking at a lifetime of paying whopping electricity bills, every month, month on month.

Energy prices look set to continue rising. The savings you will make plus payments from the Feed-in Tariff make solar panels a worthwhile investment.
The price of installing solar panels has fallen by over 70% in recent years.
Experts suggest that investing in solar panels could provide a long-term subsidy to regular savings and pensions.
Solar panels can increase your property value and make mortgage providers more likely to lend.
Solar panels are long-lasting and require little upkeep.

Good Return on Investment

Government incentives and the decrease of solar equipment costs means the utilization of solar power is a sound investment and a good financial decision for public agencies and businesses. Investing in solar power generates both long-term savings and quick payback.

Maintenance-Free & Reliable

Once installed, a solar power system will require little or no maintenance at all, most especially if there are no batteries being used. We give you Performance warranty of 25 years.

Commitment to the Environment

By using this alternative source, any business or company can express its participation in the battle against global warming and can reduce the country’s dependence on foreign sources. Going green will not only reduce operation expenses but will serve as a great PR and marketing tool. Having an environmentally responsible image is good for any company, as it can generate a positive response from consumers.


Solar panels for commercial use

Green Home provides excellent pre & post installation services. High-efficiency commercial solar panels for business, schools and farms with proven durability and industry best power & product warranty.

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