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Green Home Solar is based in Bella Vista, Sydney

Green Home Solar is an Australian owned and operated Solar Company in Bella Vista, NSW. We supply and install Solar PV for residential homes and commercial businesses. Our solar systems help reduce the cost of electricity and help fight the climate change. We have been installing Solar PV for over nine years now and have hundreds of happy and satisfied customers all over Australia. We have a team of dedicated and passionate solar experts to guide you step by step right from design to install and beyond. Our aim is to install very high-quality product in a cost-effective way. Solar Panel reduces cost of electricity bill and also reduces carbon contain in the atmosphere. There are generous incentives from the Australian Government to install Solar that are still in effect. There are two incentives, and it brings down the installation cost and another is your continuous income in the form reducing your power bill. It is no brainier to miss out on the opportunity. Today Solar is the cheapest source of electricity and due to improvement in solar manufacturer technologies, the cost of Solar installation has become affordable and proven to be a good return on investment. There is no better time to get Solar than now.

We are a member of Clean Energy Council Australia

Clean Energy Council

Importance of solar energy in Australia

  • Solar energy is available freely and conveniently in nature and it needs no mains supply.
  • Solar power is clean energy as it produces no air or water pollution. Also, there are no moving parts to create noise pollution. Unlike fossil fuels, no toxic emissions are released into the atmosphere during solar energy power generation.
  • Solar power has less running cost that means once the capital investment is made, there is no need for continues purchase of fossil fuels as the solar energy is effectively free in nature.
  • It is estimated that solar energy could produce up to 60 per cent of Australia’s energy needs, which would dramatically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels.